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Research Update 2022 from the Cincinnati Children's Pineo Research Team

  1. We have performed whole genome sequencing for a set of pineoblastoma tissues (n= 9 tissues). We are currently analyzing the data to identify potential driver mutations or genomic alterations that cause the pineoblastoma formation.

  2. We have established a mouse pineoblastoma model induced by DICER1 and RB mutations, the high-risk mutations in pineoblastoma, and generated tumor cell lines. We will test the effect of different drugs or treatments such as proton irradiation on tumor cell growth.

  3. We have carried out the transcriptomic profiling of the pineoblastoma tumor tissues (n=7). We are currently trying to solve the issue of low RNA quality in the postmortem tumor tissues.

  4. We are also establishing a xenograft mouse model using patient-derived pineoblastoma cells.

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